Women of the 90’s… Here’s How to Update Your Look With Microblading

If you’re a beauty lover, into makeup or if you have just paid the slightest bit of attention to fashion trends lately than you must have heard of Microblading. For the last ten years women around the world are loving this option to create natural-looking eyebrows.
Many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, are showing off their thicker, high definition brows, which has influenced women everywhere to revamp their look and throw away their time-consuming makeup routine.

Even though I am a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist this procedure is very personal to me because I happened to grow up during a time in the late 90’s where having thin eyebrows was fashionable. Unfortunately, no one told me that over tweezing for so many years would damage my hair follicle and my hair would never grow back! Basically, for the following 10 plus years I spent filling in my brows every day and eventually grew tired of all the extra work and felt very uncomfortable around other people when I did not have my “eyebrows on”. I tired many different hair regrowth serums and never saw any improvement so when I finally learned about a semi permeant procedure, I jumped at the chance to update my look. Honestly, things were so bad I was considering getting traditional tattooing but I am so thankful that I never did. I knew (based on my own experience) that what is popular today would probably not be what is popular in 15 more years and having a permeant tattoo on my face was just not for me.
It almost seemed to good to be true when I realized there was a semi permeant option that actually looked like REAL HAIR. Thankfully it is not to good to be true and women finally have a realistic option.
Eyebrows are the important facial feature, whether you like long, bushy, arched, or a feathered look. Microblading can help fully reconstruct your brows, fill in the gaps, or provide more definition to your eyebrows.
It’s an art that I am proud to help others with.